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WORDTheatre is your live access – in theatres and online – to celebrations of short fiction featuring great authors and actors. Stories become word “theatre,” not because they are acted out, but because the actors embody the characters. They step into the story, live in the characters’ skins, feel their hidden yearnings, and expose their unquiet souls. 

“It was a very moving evening, it was just overwhelming to hear that, very touching, beautifully read, especially that last story…”


“In the beginning was the Word and the Word became WORDTheatre!

For nearly two decades, this organisation has made a considerable contribution to the culture of the written and the spoken word. In numerous recitals in the US and UK, WORDTheatre in performance has been delivered at an extraordinarily high level. I’ve be been lucky, both as an actor and a writer, to contribute to the spread of the WORDTheatre experience and I am pleased to have brought valued friends to the party.”

Brian Cox Actor and Author

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WORDTheatre® is supported, in part, by the LA Board of Supervisors with generous grants through the Los Angeles County Department of Arts & Culture.

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Patron and Enthusiast Members are essential to our success. Your annual dues support the creation and production of our original live programs – in theatres and online – and our free, weekly Podcast. You also help underwrite WORDTheatre in the Schools, a.k.a. WITS, a program poised to spread exponentially with the digital curation of our vast library of stories.

WORDTheatre is a 501 (c)(3) in the US and a dual charitable trust in the UK. Annual Memberships and Donations have tax benefits as allowable by law.