Stories by Lisa Cupolo & Dana Johnson

In-Person & Filmed for Members
6 May 2023

Join us for an empowering evening of stories by celebrated authors Lisa Cupolo and Dana Johnson, performed by Lisa Edelstein, Charlayne Woodard & more TBA, at William Turner Gallery in Santa Monica, CA.

WORDTheatre’s Author • Actor Series: Stories by Lisa Cupolo & Dana Johnson

In-Person & Filmed for Members

6 May 2023 Saturday 5:30pm (LA)

We will feature stories by two wonderful authors, Lisa Cupolo and Dana Johnson, from their respective collections, "Have Mercy on Us" and In the "Not Quite Dark".

Celebrating our 20th year of bringing you the best short stories, WORDTheatre’s Author/Actor series continues with an empowering evening featuring celebrated authors Lisa Cupolo and Dana Johnson. We are delighted to bring some fresh talent into the WORDTheatre fold as Lisa Edelstein will perform a story from Lisa’s new collection and Charlayne Woodard and another actor soon to be announced will perform a story by Dana Johnson. The festivities kick off at 5:30 pm at the William Turner Gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, CA. The one hour performance begins at 6 pm followed by a short Q & A and book signings.


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